Future Entrepreneurs

Future Entrepreneurs is a voluntary curriculum support program teachers can use to introduce an entrepreneurial mind-set and skills to students in Grades 7 and 8.

Future Entrepreneurs will be an interactive curriculum program that aims to:

  • Raise awareness of entrepreneurship as a viable career option;
  • Help students develop the attributes and skills associated with entrepreneurs, including creativity, innovation, self-confidence, planning and risk taking;
  • Motivate students to pursue further study, exploration and consideration of entrepreneurship.

Future Entrepreneurs will have a strong emphasis on technology, both as it relates to entrepreneurship and the new economy, and the way children now learn, and will include at least one visit to the classroom by a local entrepreneur. All students will benefit by participating because the qualities needed by entrepreneurs are also qualities key to success in any work situation. The Young Entrepreneurs strategy is committed to fostering a spirit of innovation among youth and is part of the government's Youth Opportunities Ontario. For information on other youth programs, visit www.youthjobs.gov.on.ca.

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