Cindy and Shannon/Lanark-North Leeds Enterprise Centre

Thank you so much for promoting what I do.  I appeciate your support and the resources you make available to entreprenures like the workshop in  the Fall.  I met so many people with great ideas and the speakers were informed and helpful.

Thanks again, you're doing a GREAT job!!



Cindy and Shannon, LNLEC

For an up and coming organization called Arts for Health and Learning to be established in rural Eastern Ontario, getting organized and preparing a years worth of collaborative teamwork was very encouraging. 


However, understanding the legal responsibility and process of establishing an organization were a huge milestone.  We were so privileged that the Lanark North Leeds Enterprise Centre was instrumental in providing the answers we needed in a "heartbeat" with their connections in the area they assisted our organization to steam ahead towards its goal with a couple of calls in one afternoon.  We are so well connected with a team from Queen's Law School, that all of our legal processes/questions regarding incorporation will be answered.  If it were not for this opportunity, we would still be struggling for many months. Now, we can focus our energies in refining programs and focus on the of the business.


The Enterprise Centre is a must for anyone with a business idea, a business goal and organizations to network with.  I trust that we will build a successful relationship with them as we all share a common goal of working towards helping people succeed. 

Respectfully, Janice Ling ~ Founding member of Arts for Health and Learning


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